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Mixed Actors and Actresses

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Leila Arcieri
Her father is Italian and her mother is Black.  Originally from Northern CA, she has been in numerous national commercials, music videos, television series (currently in Son of the Beach) and movies.  She is the Coors Lite Beer 2000 Spokesmodel, manages her own internet publishing venture at and was crowned Miss San Francisco in the 1997 Miss America contest.

Salli Richardson
Her mother is Black and Cherokee Indian, her father is Italian Irish.  She starred in movies such as Posse and A Low Down Dirty Shame.  Currently on television in CBS' Family Law and Showtime's Rude Awakenings

Vin Diesel
According to a BET article on him, "He doesn't like to get too specific about his background. He's Italian and a lot of other things" One of his fan clubs says, "His father is black. His mother is Irish, and he's also got some Dominican, Mexican, German and Italian thrown in." It seems that nobody knows for sure. He does admit that he is multiracial though.  He has acted in movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room and Pitch Black.

Michael Michelle
Her Mother is Black and her Father is White (According to People Magazine).  Currently stars in the Hit television show ER on NBC.  She has also had reoccurring roles on New York Undercover and Homicide:  Life on the Street.  She has also had roles in movies such as New Jack City and The Sixth Man

Traci Bingham
Her father is Native American (according to and Her Mother is Black and Italian.  Mostly know as the first Black person cast on Baywatch.  She also attended Harvard University and then quickly found work in guest starring roles on dozens of television shows including "Married...With Children," "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," "The Cosby Show," and others. She has also appeared in such features as "The Nutty Professor," "Celtic Pride," "The Firm," and "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Nights."

Halle Berry
She has a White mother and a Black father.  Model and Actress.  Starred in movies such as: X-Men — 2000 Bulworth — 1998 Why Do Fools Fall In Love — 1998 B.A.P.S. — 1997 Executive Decision — 1996 Girl 6 — 1996  Losing Isaiah — 1995 The Flintstones — 1994 Father Hood — 1993 The Program — 1993 CB4 — 1993 Boomerang — 1992 Jungle Fever — 1991 The Last Boy Scout — 1991 Strictly Business — 1991

Giancarlo Esposito
He has a Black mother and an Italian father.  Starred in movies such as School Daze, Do the Right Thing, Mo Better Blues, Malcolm X, and the Usual Suspects.

Jennifer Beals
Her father is Black and her mother is White.  Most know for her starring role in Flashdance, but has also appeared in many other movies including Devil in a Blue Dress and the Last Days of Disco.

Thandie Newton
Her mother is a Zimbabwean princess of the Shona tribe her father is a White Englishman.  She starred in Beloved and most recently Mission Impossible 2.

Shemar Moore
His father is Black and his mother is White.  Actor and Model.  Most known for his role as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless.

Lisa Bonet
Her Father is Black and her mother is a Jewish Caucasian.  1984-1987: Played Denise Huxtable on popular NBC sitcom The Cosby Show.  Was Married to fellow MixedFolk Lenny Kravitz for 4 years.

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