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Sacramento Bee Article on Doug Christie

By Martin McNeal
Bee Staff Writer
(Published March 25, 2001)

An Excerpt...

Christie is special and different. He is the product of an interracial marriage between Norma and John Christie, but that's not all.

"My neighborhood in Seattle was predominantly black, and my mother (was) a white lady in that black neighborhood raising me, a black child," he said, explaining his parents mostly lived apart when he was growing up. "Then my father lived in a predominantly white town named Longview, about an hour and a half south of Seattle. He was one of the only black men there.

"It was kind of weird dealing with people. Though in my community I never had a problem with my mom because everything was always cool. If you went somewhere in Seattle, and asked about Norma Christie, everyone knew her because she was down and cool with all the people there."

Doug said he didn't encounter many problems in Longview while spending many of his summers there.

"It was pretty cool there with my father living in a white neighborhood, as far as being black," Christie said, "because he had been a sports star in his own right with wrestling and track. It was different and probably good for me to see both sides of the fence."

He never had an identity crisis, the 30-year-old said.

"I always knew I was black. I was always around my people. My mom always had me amongst them. I never really had any white friends until I went to Longview, where my father lived."

Though Christie's parents were apart for most of his life, that isn't the case now.

"It's funny because they waited until I was grown, about 24, before they got together (again) and have been together ever since," he said laughing. "I'm happy for them, but, they kind of did me wrong. No, it's all good."

It was in Seattle that Christie said he developed some of the toughness he's displayed this season.


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