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Links and Other Interesting Things for MixedFolks

  • AMEA's primary goal is to promote a positive awareness of interracial and multiethnic identity, for ourselves and for society as a whole.
  • "The American Civil Rights Coalition works with grassroots supporters and leaders on the local, state and federal level to end racial and gender preferences and classifications. They engage in activities such as initiative campaigns and lobbying. It seems like every time we fill out a government form, the snooping bureaucracy wants to know: “What are you?” "What’s your ‘race’?” Why should it matter to the government?"
  • The American Civil Rights Institute is a national civil rights organization created to educate the public about racial and gender preferences and the Racial Privacy Initiative (to end race box on government forms).
  • Intermix is there to offer friendship,support, information and advice to Mixed-Race individuals, their families and carers, racially mixed couples and transracial adoptees.
  • Check out the Black Planet page devoted to the members of the community. Thanks to Aubrey.
  • is a Link resource index of multiracial and multiethnic sites on the net
  • Biracial Family Network Is an Interracial / Intercultural support group that offers family and individual activities, potlucks, guest speakers, dinner outings, children's activities and more.
  • was created to focus on Amerasian issues and experiences
  • BiRacialBoom is an e-group on MSN. The goal of the group is to facilitate the acceptace of interracial/biracial relationships and people but also to advance the idea of interracial/biracial relationships as a way to promote harmony
  • has the largest selection of multicultural gifts that reflect the many diverse people that make up this wonderful world. The site celebrates differences, encourages understanding and promotes peace & unity
  • is a worldwide forum where people of interracial interests can meet, discuss and share their thoughts, feelings and experiences about love, life and embracing our differences.
  • Interrace Cruise is an annual Caribbean cruise for both multiracial people and interracial couples.
  • Polly Wanna Cracka is devoted to presenting quality web sites regarding interracial, multiracial, and multicultural families, relationships, organizations, and topics.
  • Melting Pot Gifts provides cards and gifts for the interracial community.
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith's Childrens Literature Resources offers Children's and Young Adult Books with Interracial Family Themes
  • Etienne Books The Online Source for Multicultural Children's Picture Books
  • did an article entitled "The Multicultural Mysteries of Vin Diesel" in which gets a small mention.
  • was created to provide a place all about the Hapa. One that provides information on all aspects of this group of people.
  • Bridge Communications, Inc. Their mission is to educate and share information with individuals, families, social service providers and schools about the multicultural, multiracial experience.
  • Eurasian Nation is an online community for people of mixed European and Asian descent. They aim to provide quality content on Eurasian issues and to be a forum in which Eurasians can meet each other and share ideas.
  • The Coloureds of Southern Africa discusses MixedFolks in the Mother land.
  • Unclaimed Hearts is a site that deals with biracial/multiracial children of U.S. service members overseas.
  • The Empire Republic Of Chandaria or bills itself as "The world's only underground organization where mulattos control their own destiny."
  • Biracial World - A new site (in english) for Biracial people, couples and kids from all over the world.
  • Light Skin Planet - Clubs, Discussions, Chat and Links to/for Mixed Race people.
  • Interracial Family Calendar - This colorful 11" x 17" wall calendar features photos of real-life interracial couples, kids, transracially adoptive families, and singles for each month of the year. This educational tool also highlights significant dates of important people and events in America's overlooked multiracial history.
  • - A new online magazine "dedicated to the Human Race"
  • The Newly Identified Multiracial Forum and Chat - Join us as we move closer to America's Multicultural Destiny. Inlcudes Message Boards, Chat, Forums etc...
  • NEW PEOPLE Interracial e-Magazine "takes an unflinching look at interracial issues, from dating, to parenting biracial children, to transracially adoptive families, to profiles of interesting people."
  • Elliott Lewis, a biracial diversity speaker presents Chicken Gumbo for the Multicultural Soul: Hot, Spicy, Heartwarming Stories on Interracial Families and Multi-Ethnic Identity.
  • Got Lucky's Hapa Club is a website for Hapas and features other famous Hapas.
  • Black Indians - The emerging identity of African Americans claiming their Native ancestry.
  • The Multiracial Activist (TMA) is a libertarian oriented activist journal covering social and civil liberties issues of interest to biracial/multiracial individuals, interracial couples/families and transracial adoptees.
  • My Shoes was created for the biracial individual who has a white appearance and wishes to interact with others of similar heritage.
  • Interracial Voice is an independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal, serving the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace. This electronic publication advocates universal recognition of mixed-race individuals as constituting a separate "racial" entity and wholeheartedly supported the initiative to establish a multiracial category on the 2000 Census.
  • MAVIN is an internationally distributed print and online magazine that celebrates the mixed race experience. Started in 1998 on the campus of Wesleyan University, MAVIN's then 19-year-old founder, publisher and editor-in-chief, Matt Kelley recognized the need for a magazine that addressed the experiences of the millions of racially mixed Americans
  • Métisse Magazine Online is the first of its kind dedicated to serving multiracial and multicultural women on the web.  Métisse Magazine is a valuable resource for Métisse women who are interested in getting advice and input from women like themselves. 
  • a positive and supportive presence for interracial/intercultural couples and families.
  • Project RACE advocates for multiracial children and adults through education, community awareness and legislation. Our main goal is for a multiracial classification on all school, employment, state, federal, local, census and medical forms requiring racial data.
  • offers you the chance to contribute to a study on the experiences of BIRACIAL adults.  if you are you 18 or older and have one White parent and one parent who is a member of a racial/ethnic minority group. 
  • What is Bi-Racial Identity?  Topics include Statistics on Bi-Racial Families, Legal Definitions and Racially Mixed People, Interracial Marriages Were Illegal, The U.S. Census Debate,  Personal Testimonies of Bi-Racial People, and Bi-Racial Children in Schools.
  • The Pact Adoption Alliance library of articles on Biracial Identity.
  • A personal site called Gameni done by a fellow MixedFolk.  Also has a list of Mixed celebrities.
  • is a site maintained by a South African where the Coloured community locally and internationally can go to for news and information specific to the Coloured community.
  • Blurring the Lines - A UW Professor (Maria P.P. Root)Says It's Time to Recognize the Rights of Biracial and Multiracial Americans.
  • Stirring the Melting Pot - the Mixing of Races in America is the title of a book that Sandie Fujita is writing and she is looking for input from people who chose to create a relationship with someone of another culture or race or people who are of mixed race, who were raised by parents of two cultures.
  • The Interracial Club of Buffalo is a support group and social organization for interracial couples, mixed-race individuals, and individuals and couples who have adopted transracially or internationally. They publish a bimonthly publication, the I.C.B. Newsletter, and also sell a small number of multiracial products.
Published essays written by MixedFolks about their experiences being Mixed: