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Her father is White and her mother is Black (According to Mic Check, April 1998).  4 time Grammy nominated singer.  Her debut album Tamia stayed on the Billboard charts for 24 weeks.  She recently released her second album A Nu Day.  She is married to NBA star Grant Hill.
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Neneh Cherry
Her mother is Swedish, her father is West African.   First became popular after her single Buffalo Stance caught on.  Has since released numerous albums including  Raw Like Sushi, HomeBrew, and Man.  She has won several awards including British Music Awards:  Best Single, Best Female Vocalist. 1990 World Music Awards:  Best African Single for 7 Seconds, 1995 British Music Awards: Best Video, Woman, 1996.
eagleeyecherry.gif (46800 bytes)
Eagle-Eye Cherry
His mother is Swedish and his father was Black with some Native American (musician Don Cherry).  He is Nehah Cherry's half brother.  Cherry's 1997 debut album, Desireless, sold more than 150,000 copies throughout Europe, especially in Scandinavia, while its standout single "Save Tonight" reached No. 1 in the Netherlands and No. 2 in France.  In 1998, Cherry turned his sights to the U.S., releasing Desireless to American audiences in the summer of 1998.
samanthamumba.jpg (19360 bytes)
Samantha Mumba
Her mother is White (Irish) and her father is African (from Zambia).  She is a young pop star from Dublin, Ireland.  She co-wrote her debut album  Gotta Tell You and also has appeared on TV and in Musicals in Ireland.  She was recently profiled in People magazine in the US.
rolandgift.gif (59178 bytes)
Roland Gift
His mother is White and his father is Black.  Along with two others created the group Fine Young Cannibals (FYC), who enjoyed tremendous international success and record sales in excess of 15 million.  In 1986 Roland got his first taste of Hollywood film making when he and FYC wrote songs and score for Barry Levinson's Tin Men. Roland also played the Night Club singer.
georgioallentini.jpg (12717 bytes)
Georgio Allentini
He is half Black and half Italian (I believe his father is Italian).  Georgio launched his musical career when he began working as a disc jockey. He then financed the recording and release of his debut single, 'Sexappeal'. This track was picked up for release by Motown Records, and became a national hit, followed by a US Top 10 black music smash, 'Tina Cherry'. Both releases emphasized his debt to the music of Prince, whose sexual outrageousness is imitated by Georgio. This stance was maintained for later singles, 'Lover's Lane' and 'Bedrock', which also reached the US charts.
philiplynott.jpg (19249 bytes)
Philip Lynott
The son of an Irish mother and Black Brazilian father in Ireland.  The lead singer of Thin Lizzie one of the most successful Irish bands of the seventies.  He died in January of 1986.
chilli2.jpg (128039 bytes)
Chilli (TLC)
Her father is part-Arabic, part-East Indian, her mother is Black. Best know as a member of the group TLC.  Has won a Grammy, Best R&B Album, CrazySexyCool, 1995; Grammy, Best R&B Performance - Duo or Group, "Creep," 1995; Grammy, Best R&B Album, Fanmail, 1999; Grammy, Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, "No Scrubs," 1999; Grammy Best R&B Song, "No Scrubs," 1999.
charlibaltimore.jpg (37769 bytes)
Charli Baltimore
Her father is White (German) and her mother is Black (according to  her music career blossomed after she began a relationship with the Notorious B.I.G., and she adopted her stage alias from the name of Geena Davis' character in the film The Long Kiss Goodnight. In the wake of the B.I.G.'s murder, Baltimore teamed with producer Lance "Un" Rivera to release a handful of singles and soundtrack appearances before issuing her oft-delayed debut LP Cold as Ice in 2000.
jilljones.jpg (70339 bytes)
Jill Jones
Her mother is Black and her father is Italian (from issue no. 39 of UPTOWN magazine).  Released a self titled album on Princes record label Paisley Park.
benharper.jpg (12034 bytes)
Ben Harper

His mother is White and his father is Black.  He signed to Virgin Records after he was noticed performing with Taj Mahal and blues great Brownie McGhee. Harper's 1994 debut album, Welcome to the Cruel World, was recognized by critics for its articulate portrayal of urban oppression.  1995's Fight For Your Mind spurred a worldwide tour, during which Harper and his band, the Innocent Criminals, recorded material for a third album, The Will to Live, which was released on Virgin in 1997 and then Burn to Shine in 1999.

robpilatus.jpg (11505 bytes)
Rob Pilatus
The son of a Black U.S. soldier and a White (German) mother (According to Variety Magazine).  A former model and dancer whose career as half the pop music duo Milli Vanilli crashed n disgrace and drug addiction after it was revealed that the group lip-synched its songs.

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