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Alana Davis
Daughter of the late Black jazz pianist Walter Davis Jr. and White jazz singer Annamarie Schofield.  First gained airplay on alternative radio for her cover of Ani DiFranco's "32 Flavors."  After signing with Elektra, she worked with producer Ed Tuton and released her debut album, Blame It on Me in September 1997.
vickisuerobinson.jpg (73140 bytes)
Vicki Sue Robinson
Her father is Black and her mother is White and maybe Native American  (from her official website).  Signed to RCA Records in the mid '70s, she had four albums on the imprint, Never Gonna Let You (spring 1976), Vicki Sue Robinson (fall 1976), Half and Half (1978) and Movin' On (1979). "Turn The Beat Around" #10 Pop on Billboard's Pop chart in summer 1976, earning Robinson a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Female.  Her movie roles include Going Home with Robert Mitchum in 1971 and 1972's To Find A Man with Lloyd Bridges.
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Lou Bega
His mother is White (Sicillian) and his father is Ugandan.  Fascinated by mambo's sounds and stylish fashions, Bega returned to Germany and created his own version of the music. The result was the single Mambo No. 5, which went double platinum in Germany in the summer of 1999 and soon became a global hit. Later that year, Bega's full-length debut A Little Bit Of Mambo met similar success.
billiemyers.jpg (87670 bytes)
Billie Myers
Her mother is English, her father is Jamaican (according to a biography on  She came to the world of popular music in 1997 with her debut album Growing Pains. Her vocal style is a combination of pop, jazz and world music.  The first single off the album, "Kiss the Rain," quickly became a Top 20 hit. Billie was signed to Universal Records in 1997 and toured with the Lilith Fair in the summer of 1998, as well as headlining her own tour. Singles from the album Growing Pains have appeared on television in commercials and in the series Dawson's Creek. Growing Pains achieved gold record status in 1997 and Billie's follow-up, Vertigo, arrived in mid-2000.
amandamarshall.jpg (30862 bytes)
Amanda Marshall
She is quoted as saying, "My mother is black, she's from Trinidad. My father is a white Canadian" (from an interview in CBC InfoCulture).  Marshall landed her first record deal at the age of 19 while touring with Jeff Healey.  Her self titled debut album Amanda Marshall was nominated for a Juno in 1996 for Best New Solo Artist, and has sold over 1,000,000 copies.  On her Second album Tuesday's Child she wrote a song about growing up the product of an interracial union entitled, Shades of Grey.
sole.jpg (25444 bytes)
According to her bio on Dreamworks Records Web Site and her lyrics on the song 4, 5, 6 she is part Black and part Native American.  Rapper Solé first attracted attention in the spring of 1999 thanks to her contributions to JT Money's Top Five smash "Who Dat." Her solo debut Skin Deep appeared on DreamWorks that autumn.
imanicoppola.gif (22130 bytes)
Imani Coppola
Her mother is black, and her father is Italian (from an interview in SouthCoast Today).  Achieved notable US success when her debut single, 'Legend Of A Cowgirl', became a MTV hit in 1998. The multi-instrumental singer-songwriter boasted an eclectic musical upbringing. Her debut album Chupacabra mined the psychedelic dance pop vibe of early 90s, while also giving a passing nod to the same era's Daisy Age rap scene. The album's playful surrealism and quirky lyrical vision came as a blast of fresh air on an increasingly moribund music scene.
cleolaine.jpg (18436 bytes)
Cleo Laine
Her father is Jamaican and her mother is English (from her website Quarternotes).  Cleo Laine is a singer who has done just about everything. She's played everywhere - English dance halls to London's Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie to the Blue Note Cafe. She's been on stage, on Broadway, to London's West End, done opera and the BBC.
lesnubians.jpg (51159 bytes)
Hèléne and Célia Faussart (Les Nubians)
Born to a French father and Cameroonian mother.  Les Nubians debut album, Princesses Nubiennes, mixes uplifting messages with contemporary hip-hop stylings.  They are equally influenced by classic soul, contemporary R&B and the inspiration of African world music.
ronniespector.gif (19932 bytes)
Ronnie Spector
She is quoted as saying, " My dad was white, my mom was Cherokee and Black" in an interview with Alice Magazine.  Beginning in 1963 Ronnie Spector- as lead singer of the ultimate girl group, the Ronettes- recorded a long string of classic pop hits: powerful poignant teen anthems like the Grammy-winning "Walking in the Rain", "Do I Love You", "Baby I Love You", "The Best Part of Breaking Up", "I Can Hear Music", and their international Number One smash "Be My Baby". In 1989, Ronnie took time off to write the story of her remarkable life and great music Be My Baby.  In 1999, Ronnie released the critically acclaimed EP She Talks To Rainbows [EP]
cindyherron.jpg (9085 bytes)
Cindy Herron
Her mother is  White and her father is Black.  Singer in the group En Vogue.  Also starred in the movie Juice.
kelis.jpg (78829 bytes)
Her mother is Chinese and Puerto Rican her father is Black (from an interview with Creative Loafing).  She left home at 16 to pursue her own goals, and four years later Kelis had a deal with Virgin. In mid-1999, Kelis was beatboxing alongside Ol' Dirty Bastard on his cut "Got Your Money" and her signature technicolor spiraled afro was sparking critics' interests. Her brooding vocals blend sensible R&B additives, and the hip-hop layers are funky. Kelis captured feminist desires on her debut Kaleidoscope.

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