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Her mother is White, her father was Black (From This Oakland native has paid her dues for 11 years in the rap game, but it's only recently with her debut, "Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom," that the world has taken notice of this underground gem. Mystic says her identity has never been in question. Her Census form reads “Black.” And that’s by her own definite choice.“I come from a time when there wasn’t a option — if you were part Black you were Black,” Mystic says. “I don’t have any issues with it. I do understand why people want to identify with all the different parts of them but [the Census] is a very serious issue when it comes to funding and things like that.”

Denise Mathews (Vanity)

Her mother is White and her father is Black. She became the lead singer of the group Vanity 6 in 1982. Later she recorded two more albums on her own and then was featured in movies such as The Last Dragon, Action Jackson, and 52 Pickup. She has given up the name Vanity and is now a Christian evangelist. She is currently writing an autobiograpy entitled Blame it on Vanity.

Dina Carroll

Her mother is White (English) and her father is Black. She released "People All Around The World" on Jive Records in 1989. In 1991, she provided vocals for Quartz's "It's Too Late". In 1992 released the UK hit singles "Ain't No Man" and "Special Kind Of Love". Her debut album followed in 1993, with "Don't Be A Stranger" and "The Perfect Year" providing her with two breakthrough hits. After a three-year break she returned in 1996 with the UK number 3 single, "Escaping", and follow-up album Only Human. "One, Two, Three" debuted at UK number 16 in October 1998. "Without Love" charted three places higher the following July.

Bizzie Bone

His father is Black and his mother is White (Italian). Best known as a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, rapper Bizzy Bone made his solo debut in 1998 with Heaven'z Movie and released The Gift in 2001.

Dena Cali

According to her website she is Black, Swedish, and Chinese. This rapper from the west coast recently completed her self titled debut album. She has also modeled and appeared in the movie Foolish with Master P and Eddie Griffin.

Shola Ama

Her mother is of Dominican and St Lucian parentage and her father isWhite. After making it big in her native U.K., soul-pop princess Shola Ama issued her American debut In Return in fall 2000. Her first album, 1997's Much Love, went platinum and earned Ama four Top Ten hits, and the BRIT award for Best British Female the following year.

Tina Turner

According to she was "Born to a mixed race (Native and African American) sharcropping family in the segregated South..." She is the world's most successful female rock artist ever. Record sales: over 60 million (1983-1999). And has sold more concert tickets than any other female performer in history. She is also a 7-time Grammy Award winner.

Christopher Reid (Kid)

According to his father is Black and his mother is White. Became known as half of the hip hop duo Kid N' Play. Later went on to star in the House Party movie series.


On her website it says, "Amerie's mother is from Korea and her dad is an African-American from North Philly". She is a new R & B singer on Columbia Records. Her debut album All I Have released this year with the first single being Why Don't We Fall in Love.

Sean Paul

From Born Sean Paul Henriques on January 8, 1973, the multi-ethnic Paul (his parents had Portuguese, Chinese, and Jamaican blood) grew up in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Dancehall DJ Sean Paul began scoring hit singles in Jamaica starting in 1996, and has since attracted American attention with his appearance on the soundtrack of Hype Williams' Belly (with Mr. Vegas and DMX) and his 1999 hit "Hot Gal Today." Paul released his first album on VP Records; the sprawling Stage One.


Sacario is 23 years old & is signed to Elektra Entertainment/Angie Martinez's Animal House Entertainment. He is half Panamanian (Colon, Panama) & half Native American. (Cherokee Indian) He released his 1st "Street/Promo" record entitled
"Live Big" (Car Keys) in the spring of 2001 & followed up with the remix featuring Platinum recording artist Fat Joe & Angie Martinez. Shortly after that he began working on Angie's 2nd album entitled "Animal house" which he Executive Produced as well as featured on her 1st single entitled "If I could go" along side Lil Mo'.

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